Israel deserved 7th place with dramatic victory after 7-meter throws against Finland – 31:30(14:11). They played well in the first half, while Finland made a lot of mistakes in defense.

Second half started more balanced. Finland scored late in last minute to equal the result, but the team missed one 7-meter throw and Israel won.


Best player Finland: Ellen Norrgrann

Best player Israel: Mor Shaul

Top scorer for the team of Finland is: Ellen Norrgrann (5 goals)

Top scorer for the team of Israel is: Mor Shaul (9 goals)

Coach of Finland Tommy Suoraniemi: I think it was good match although the loss. We are very tired already after this long week. We look forward and going to be better.

Coach of Israel Aura-Maria Friedman: It was big step for our team. The game was very stressed for both teams, but we wanted to improve our performance after yesterday’s loss against Greece. Now we are so happy.