Iceland finished on 5th place in Varna. In their last game the team beat Greece – 28:21. Greece started with four consecutive goals, but after that Iceland made high scoring first half and lead the game after 30 minutes – 18:12.

Greece tried to come back in the game with well performance in attack, but Iceland saved their advantage and deserved 5th place.


Best player Iceland: Berta Hardarsdottir

Best player Greece: Erika Zeneli

Top scorer for the team of Iceland is: Berta Hardarsdottir (6 goals)

Top scorer for the team of Greece is: Aikaterini Koukmisi (7 goals)

Coach of Iceland Stefan Arnarson: I am very happy that we win and we are fifth now. We are not at semi-finals but next time we will do it. We are very happy and tired in the same time now.

Coach of Greece Menelaos Danilos: It was last game for our team and we are little tired. We have also injures, but we tried to play good against strong team like Iceland. I’m pleased with our performance.